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Hurricane Patterdale Kennels in Sweden   I haven't been able to make contact with these guys in recent times.  They may have dropped out of dealing with the publik.  If so, Europe has lost a top breeder and ambassador for the breed.
Setting the standards for earth work in northern Europe for a long time.  The real thing in every way.  You can get educated by just visiting this site!

 Monsters Patterdale Terriers in Spain (España) 
If you are seeking a breeder of Patterdale Terrier in Spain this web site may be helpful to you. They have and breed "working" dogs and can offer good information. They're good people.
Same story here... I haven't been able to contact them in recent times and I sure hope they survived the Covid-19 plandemic.  I think Spain got hit hard by it.

Bo-Darc-Kennel, Patterdales and Bird-Dogs
A well established kennel of Patterdale Terriers and world-class Bird Dogs, located in Oklahoma.

Todd Fulford's Deadgame Kennels
This is the web site of the guy that obtained and campaigned the great Fulford's/Booth's Mileo HOF as he became one of the most prominent sires in America until his demise.
Todd stays active with Patterdale Terriers and has (or can find) pups with some regularity.
He's a very knowledgeable man and always worthy of consideration.

J. Reed and His "Mongrol" Hoard (of real American Rat Terriers)  This guy raises real Rat Terriers and uses them for the real thing in the grand old traditional way. Check out his site to learn what "ratting" is all about.
This is a fairly new "Earthdog" Sporting Club that is getting popular in America.
You might find a way to have lots of fun with your little verminator without having to dig him out of the ground all the time! wink
These folks get our friendly nod of approval!
Give them a look.

Deer Shadow Decoys
Mfr. of an amazingly simple and surprisingly effective deer decoy.
(Tim uses these decoys regularly.)

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