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Things have changed. That top-shelf stud dog just went from available to unavailable unless you ready to pay what he's really worth.
The dog is 20 months old and is described as "a murderer" by his owner.  A black, smooth-coat male named "Haamm." (Hot As A Mo-Fo!)
His pedigree can be seen here
. >>> GH's.Haamm.pdf <<<
Email Jermaine ( ) if interested. He asks only "serious inquiries" please.

Also, Kyel of Top Notch kennel says one of his girl-dogs just whelped a litter in August. They should be ready to disburse in early October. (I'm hoping to get one myself.) He's one of the Patterdale guys in the Erie Pa. area. A link to him is on the Friends & Photos tab. wink

The settling-in process for "the Nemesis project" is progressing slowly and it'll likely be a couple years before we can say we're caught up.
But, maybe there'll be pups to talk about in the coming months.

Check the TBA page (scroll farther down this page a little) for details & updates.
Remember, the time table from breeding to weaning is approximately 17~18 weeks...
(That's 9-weeks of pregnancy and 7 to 10 weeks 'til old enough to leave the nest...
it's about 5 Months! )
That's how it usually goes if there are no complications.

Also... some of the folks on our >>> Friends n Photos <<< page sometimes have pups and all the breeders shown on our Links page produce the real thing Check 'em out. For the folks that lie awake at night wondering when we're gonna have a pup for you...
This page might help you with that angst. click>>>
TBA (To Be Announced)
  We can't speak for these other guys but...
Whenever we have pups available to the public we ask a price that offers some assurance that the pup or dog will get decent treatment. That's our main concern. (Normally $500 or more + S&H at cost.)
Some of my customers tell me some other breeders are charging closer to $1000 for pups. Good on them if they're getting that.
Maybe they're trying to thin-out the annoying "riff-raff" by asking that steep price, (the same reasoning I mention below.)

         If you've convinced yourself that you've just gotta have a Patterdale and can't wait for one of ours we strongly recommend taking a look at the breeders shown on our links tab.

Sometimes the folks on our >>> Friends n Photos page have pups too. They all have the real thing.  Check 'em out.

Remember, a particular color or "look" is-not what makes the dog a Patterdale Terrier.
The "show-dog" crowd likes black or chocolate colored dogs only. It's nonsense and those folks all KNOW it's the breeding [pedigree] and (more importantly) the performance that make them what they are. Working Patterdale Terriers are NOT bred for their colors.
Even so, we do get some "pretty" dogs from this family.

If there were a color-coded genetic link for performance, whatever that
color was would be our favorite!
Be sure to examine our Colors & Markings page to get your mind right about "looks."  
We take pictures all the time and if they're of "decent" quality [most aren't] we include them here somewhere.
We sometimes get photos sent to us from the Patterdale Public.
When the picture is of decent quality and of an informative subject we'll try to find a place for it.
(That's your casual invitation to send us a photo...and some info about it. wink)
If you're getting a male from us you should have a good look at Pinga's page to see what might develop. You can never tell what size a young puppy will grow to.
Click here to see >>>
Pinga's page. <<< (meh heh heh) Pinga was a monster as Patterdales go but he sired Bosco, a "spannable" dog. The finished size of a Patterdale Terrier is always a wait-n-see proposition.
We don't breed them for size.
We breed 'em for work. Whatever they get a-hold of is usually doomed.

Folks, we find a stiff price ($500) keeps the "riff-raff" from bothering us and people generally take better care of their dogs when they've paid a decent price for them.

Cheap dogs seem to get cheap care, a sad end for these special little dogs.

Remember: All costs associated with delivering the pup to your hands are additional to the purchase price.

We don't like getting involved in air-shipping. If we can't deliver the dog we grudgingly recommend a dog hauler.
(see below)
In recent months we've gotten several inquiries from folks in other countries. For this reason we are beginning to explore the idea of exporting outside of America. More on this as we learn what is required.

Remember, if you've just gotta have a Patterdale Terrier, be sure you have a place for it.
If it's not gonna be a "house-dog" you'll need a safe place to keep it.
If you have doubts, take a look at the
Alcatraz Kennels page for some good ideas.
Click here >>>
Alcatraz Kennels for a look.

Please use this address for road-trip planning purposes, (MapQuest, etc.):
165 Camp Creek Parkway, Gordonsville, Va. 22942

This address is the local Lowe's Store which is about 30-minutes from our place.
There is also a Super Walmart and other stores on the other side of the street.
Both places have nice big parking lots.
There is also an IHOP restaurant and nice Best Western
motel in close proximity, (all within sight.)

This link should take to you a hound-hauler's web page where he shows other haulers too.
Plenty to choose from here.
Remember, a hound hauler DOES NOT go straight from the pick-up location to the drop-off location.
They have a route that they generally follow, making pick-ups and drop-offs along the way.
Your dog's trip could take a week or more.
We've all heard ugly rumors of some hound haulers but don't have any personal knowledge or experience of such things.
Dog hauling requires a lot from the driver and puppies are significantly more work and worry than grown dogs.
Most of these guys take much better care of the dogs [generally] than any airline, which all treat your dog like common luggage.


The only guy on the list shown on that link [just above] that we've personally dealt with is...
 Chuck Thomas (Redwing Hound Hauler) 509-680-2602
He's been hauling dogs for over 20 years and he covers the entire country.

Chuck hauled this puppy to Wyoming. It's a nail-biting wait for the customer but the pup gets lots of personal attention on the way.
We like this guy and think of him first for coast-to-coast hauling. The one-and-only hitch in the plan is that it sometimes take's awhile for the dog to arrive because his route is so convoluted. He carries lots & lots of dogs, mostly hunting hounds of one kind or another. It can take up to 3-weeks to cross the nation.

I also know of a guy that hauls dogs for folks though his range is currently just the "eastern half" of the country.
He moved a dog for a customer of mine in eastern Texas not long ago.
The customer is who put me on to him and it seemed a good experience and we think he's okay.
He's told me it's okay to show his name & number here so...

Dog-Haulin' Greg Beyerly, 301-765-4884
He'll help you if he can and i
t won't hurt to say I recommended him. (Might even help.) 



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