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BTW, all of you that read anything found herein enjoy my full permission to reprint or forward or use whatever I say in print, images or emails with the only qualification being that the context of it remains intact and unchanged in any way. Tim Griffith

This is where you'll find all manner of subjects [other than dogs] that we think are worth some consideration.
Run your cursor over any words or phrases in BOLD print to see if it's a link to some other page.
We do this throughout this web sight, especially on this page. Many subjects can only be found this way.
These subjects will help you get your mind right, instead of wrong, (which is now called liberal, left or "progressive.")
Do you know anything about politics? Really know it? Very little about politics is practical.
Most folks have no clue about what is really going on in this country [or in the rest of the world] or how & why the various "leaders" everywhere reach their decisions.
The most common decision maker [for everyone] is the answer to the question..."what's in it for me?"
This is the saddest and ugliest truth about humans and the source of a lot of the world's strife.
Some of what you find here might wake you up to some reality you weren't aware of. 
You can be sure that every word you read here is true. Verrry true!

If you find yourself in disagreement with anything you see herein, you'll help yourself a lot by carefully considering what you really know about it, as opposed to what you've been told by others.
There's usually a big difference! It's unwise to argue any subject before really learning the facts for yourself.
We say and show some bold things here but every word of every subject is rooted in FACT, usually with a good long history to prove its veracity.

These pages are constantly under construction and regularly updated as new information comes trickling in.
Enjoy! If you can. (wink)

click here >>> Practical Politics  See if these ideas are "new" to YOU!
I'll bet you thought the Police are supposed to protect us from crime. WRONG!
The FACT of the matter is that PERSONAL DEFENSE is and Always Has Been a personal responsibility!
The purpose of all police everywhere is to investigate and catch [if they can] criminals after the fact.
They're NOT under any obligation to "protect" you from anything.  Don't be foolish enough to think otherwise.
All forms of "authority" know this fact.  You should know it too!
(When any authority figure says otherwise they're not just wrong, they are lying!)
You'd better check this out for yourself.  The life you save could be your own!
Get your mind Right [instead of Wrong] about this stuff!
When thinking of the details of defending yourself [from harm] everyone needs to know if they can "get 'er done!"
Sadly, no one is born with the knowledge or skill to defend against anything more serious than insect bites.
You'll need to know what to do and be practiced in the associated skills.  Here's how we do it here.

click here >>> Nemesis Practical Shooting


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