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 Updated 1 June 2019
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What Everyone Should Know About Rabies!
It's right and proper to be very worried about the disease known as Rabies.
However, there's a lot known by authorities and professionals that isn't shared with the public.
Here are some FACTS that only professionals know but that everyone should know about Rabies.

1. When infected by Rabies, no matter how it occured the one that just got infected might not get sick for
a long time if at all.
  He may very well die of something else first. It's well known that Rabies can reside in the host
for as long as 2 years or more before going “active” and killing the host!  Many in the medical science
community believe it could be more like 5 years!  The research never stops but always remains secret.
2. Rabies can ONLY be transmitted when the disease is “active.”  That's when it begins to kill
it's host and that stage takes NO Longer Than 2 Weeks.  That's why there is always a 2-week
quarantine when someone is bitten by an animal.  If the animal is still alive after 2 weeks rabies is no longer an issue.
If the disease isn't active it can't be transmitted whether the biter was “infected” or not.
If the public knew how many of the world's wild animals are infected there would be panic in the streets!
A lot of that warm-n-fuzzy nonsense would go out the window when the horror of Rabies lurked
wherever a raccoon, skunk, fox, coyote or wolf was seen.  All those animals are primary vectors for
this frightening disease.  They also carry and spread many other diseases.  That's the reason why it's
illegal to “catch-n-release” wild animals in most places, (except under very specific legal guidelines.)
A few years ago, the State Veterinarian of Virginia told me [to my face] that every raccoon tested in the
previous 2 years, and for as long he was aware of, had tested positive for rabies.  That does NOT mean
they were “active.”  Pay close attention to this next fact.
3. When testing for rabies it often cannot be determined if the host is in the “active” stage of the
  We only learn if it is infected or not.  The public is never told the difference because the
authorities think it's in their best interest to just keep the public scared of the possibility of rabies.
But wait, there's more.
4. It's well-known by the vet/medical community that Rabies vaccines offer immunization for much
longer than the legally mandated 3 yrs.
  It has been firmly established that vaccinated animals have
viable immunity for a full five years and some even think it's as much as 7 years.  Why do we care?
We care because, receiving a shot when there was already an active immunity in place (from the
previous shot) often creates very serious and expensive medical problems!  There is a large and ever growing
faction of professionals and concerned animal owners that continuously petition the
Department of Agriculture to change the 3-yr vaccine requirement to 5 years because of the needless
cost and the demonstrated hazard to our pets.  The Vet Medical Associations side with the Dept of
Agriculture for the simple reason that there is big money in Rabies shots.  Very Big Money!
5. The full retail cost of a rabies shot (in 2019 money) is about $1.90 each. (Yup, that's one-dollar & 90-cents.)
Your vet will charge from $10 to $50 each depending on the demographics of the local area.  Everyone in every “civilized” nation is required to get every pet vaccinated every 3 years.  That adds up to a lot of money.  Whats more, many places require the shot be given by a Veterinarian even though no special skill is needed to give the shot.
The whole Rabies thing is a money making scare show wherein the Vets are the only winners.
Don't like the sound of all this?  Check it out!  You won't like what you learn.
As in most subjects, “Big Brother” is just helping the Vets of the world pick our pockets while gaining and
maintaining ever more power over “We the People.”

 The sheep are comforted by the “shepherd” even though his ultimate purpose is to eat the sheep!
The same fate [sort of] awaits “sheeple.”


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