Griffith Land & Cattle Co.

These are the Boy-Dogs.
Click on any of the names to see their page.
Nemesis-Rooster (still under construction)
Rooster sired Peewee and recently sired the "PinkRooster" litter of which only one pup went to the public.

Nemesis-Peewee (Click here to see his page >> Nemesis-Peewee .) 
We just started using Peewee and expect to have lots of information on him in the future. He's a "live wire!"

 Nemesis-Rattler  (Sorry, still under construction so there's not much there yet, but have a look anyway.)

Kathy's MQH Kuma A locally owned well-bred dog.
We hope to have a chance to brag on Kuma before long.


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