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On this page we feature the
The Terriermen of Europe and their dogs.
For the American viewer that's grown accustomed to the Americanized Dog-Show type of Patterdale Terriers, this is going to be a real eye-opener.
The terriermen in Europe have things much tougher than here in the U.S. with even more busybodies and stupid laws to deal with and less hunting grounds available for working. Even so, there are plenty of hardy lads with sturdy little dogs that regularly head into the field to see what kind of critter can be sorted out from the ground.
(Don't be shy lads. If you send us a good photo we'll try to make room for it.)
Sam Boylett is part of a good crew of earth-working hunters in Great Britain. They're so busy gettin' after their game that we've started a page for them. Click here >>> Sam' Boylett's Crew <<< to see what they're up to.
Friend Adam uses the internet to visit with many terriermen around the world and has gotten some photos sent to us. We're
very proud these guys have seen fit to let us show off their dogs and occasionally tell of their accomplishments.
We'll start with a fellow terrierman in Ireland, (in Kilkenny I think,) Mr. Johnny Kelly keeps and works a few dogs that look the way we like to see them. Look close and you can see that these dogs do get on with business!
First up is a lovely bitch named Midge. When this photo hit my phone-screen I immediately sent it round.
I can safely say that she's become very popular with our crowd!

And this next photo is Midge's sire, Little Bear, a no-nonsense dog by the look of him!

Mr. Kelly also has the dam, a good-lookin' worker named Maiden. (just below)

We send a hearty thanks to Mr. Johnny Kelly for not keeping these fine specimens a secret!
(This little gal reminds me a lot of our first girl-dog "Pebbles" that help get our earthwork started.)

Liam Thomson of Abergavenny on the Welsh border has been chatting with my pal Adam and sent this photo to give us all a look at his dog,
"George" (I think.) This photo [below] helps us see the size of his dog.

That's a handsome little fellow!

Even in England they're not always Black or Chocolate...

The color doesn't make the dog. Breeding and performance will decide the matter.

We hope the lads of Europe will continue to let is grace this page with their hard-workin dogs.
Many folks here in America need a way to become re-acquainted with what the real thing looks like.

Check back regularly. We hope to add photos with some regularity.


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