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These are the Girl-Dogs.
Just click on any name to see that page.

Shown here with the 2nd "maxi-bam" litter.

 Bad-Brandi (still under construction but here's a peek.)
Brandi is a litter-mate sister to the now-famous Nemesis-Roxie.
Both are "maxi-bam" dogs, bred and whelped here.

Our collection of girl-dogs has grown by 5-head but time constraints have kept me from getting them properly posted here. It's a lot of work that takes hours to build new pages and tabs on a web site.
It'll happen folks. This is a one-man operation and there's not always time to get all the details ironed out.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.
The newest girls are the black dogs Noogie and Jeena,  and the red-brindles Ruby, Tasha and Ladybug.
Check back every now and then as the pages for these gals get built and included here.

Noogie (black dog) 6-gen peds >>> Nemesis-Noogie 6-gen..pdf

Jeena (black dog)  6-gen peds >>> Jeena 6-gen peds.pdf

Ruby (red-brindle) 6-gen peds >>> Nemesis-Ruby,6-gen..pdf

Natasha (red-brindle) 6-gen peds >>> Nemesis-Tasha,.6-gen..peds.pdf

Ladybug (red-brindle) 6-gen peds >>> Nemesis-Ladybug..6-gen..pdf


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