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Updated 10 September 2017

To Be Announced! (TBA)
Below are shown pedigrees of upcoming litters. (PDF-Pedigrees)
While we're waiting for the blessed event we refer to any litter as a TBA, (To Be Announced.)
Try to understand & remember that pups aren't "available" just because they're born.
We usually make our breedings because we want a pup or two from those parents.
We have a short [but growing] list of folks that want a pup from our program bad enough to wait.
When there are pups, those folks get told first, usually at about 2 weeks of age.
At about 6 weeks of age we announce unspoken-for pups to the public on the Available Now page.
Below are shown what we have in mind for this year (2017.) We don't follow a schedule.
This page is for the folks who stay up late at night wringing their hangs as they ponder getting a dog bred like these. If that describes you, the following info is just for you.

Rooster-x-Pinky: TBA "Pink-Rooster"..pedigree..pdf 
This is what I call my Pink-Rooster breeding. They're sure to be big (20+lbs & more) and bad!
This might actually happen someday soon because of all the attention I get from folks who like the dogs called "Renterriers" that are bred & sold by a Mr. Adrian Renteria of southern California.
We don't know him or how to get in touch with him. We just get a steady stream of folks asking me to concentrate that blood. Well, the PDF-Pedigree above shows the Renterrier blood highlighted to make it easy to see how much Renterrier blood these pups will have. Make no mistake, these dogs are real Patterdale Terriers that are bred the way they were about 10 or more generations ago.
There are already 3 breeder friends waiting patiently for one of these. (You know who you are. wink)
Update: Pinky whelped some pups on 6 August 2017 and they're all taken.
I'll prob'ly do it again in a year or so.
Keep a wary eye open for developments.

Peewee-x-Brandi: TBA,Peewee-x-Brandi..pedigree...pdf 
We've been working towards this breeding for years. Both these parents are "spannable."

There were 3 pups born in late May 2017 and there are several folks waiting for these, including us.
Sorry folks, all gone! Maybe next year.

 TBA Maxine.x.Bambam..pedigree..pdf
Today (2 Aug. 2017) we put Bambam in with Maxine and they were very happy to see each other!
So, it's a pretty good bet that there'll be some MaxiBam pups available in the late 2017.
This was done to satisfy public demand and it's The LAST Time MaxiBam pups will ever be available.
Well, today is 24 Oct and it looks like no pups are coming. Bambam is getting old, maybe a little too old. We'll give it one more try and see what happens. Stay tuned for developments.
Uhh, ya know, the world famous "Roxy" bitch was a MaxiBam dog.

Make your plans and good luck.


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