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Now and then folks ask us to help them find a home for a dog or pups. These are usually "free to a good home" items.
Here is one such item. This is a pup that is the result of a Patterdale bred to a Blue Heeler. That sounds like a good blend for an awesome house dog and if I wasn't involved in a serious breeding program I'd be interested in this.

New info on the notice below: This notice had been up for a month or more when the owners told me they had come to like the pup so much that they were going to make him a part of the family. I've erased the contact info. It's still a nice little story about Patterdales becoming good pets. Enjoy.
Here is the story of this pup's folks;
Posted on 11 Feb 2020
Hey there Sir,
My husband and I bought one of your Bambam x Maxine pups (born Jan 26 2015) that you called Cinnamon (since renamed "June"). I'm reaching out to give you an update on this dog on the eve of her 5th birthday. June is the most wonderful creature we could hope for and such a loved member of our family. She is the perfect combination of killer and cuddler. She comes to work 5 days a week with me on a 150-acre farm, which she keeps free of rats, groundhogs, and mice. She is 100% peaceful and kind to cats, chickens, and children. At home, she is the most cuddly and loving thing imaginable. We could not be more in love with June! I have attached some photos for you to see her in all her glory! (see the Friends n Photos tab) 
We chose to not get her spayed since she is such a great dog we didn't want to rule out having pups out of her. This fall, she went looking for a husband (without us knowing) and bred with a blue heeler up the lane from us. Since we are so grateful to you for giving us this dog, we wanted to offer you one of the pups. I'm guessing you might not be interested, given that they are half blue heeler, yet I thought I'd offer anyway. 

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog and trusting her to us. We are forever grateful.

-Kate and Alec

By the time I got this on my site all the pups were spoken for except this one.
If you think this pup should become part of  your family don't drag your feet.
This pup is in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania.

That bottom left photo shows a mighty well-built little dog!
I hope he gets into a happy home.


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