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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.
 We all KNOW that many young fawns are taken by a wide variety of predators, among them is the Fox. 

Some folks think of the fox as a "noble" creature.  The reality is not so warm and fuzzy as the photos below illustrate.
Most folks have no clue about the fact that the fox is a very efficient little predator.
The number of new-born fawns that are taken by the fox is impossible to figure but...
there is no way to pretend it isn't going on.

 Yup! That's a recently born lamb. 

And who hasn't heard of the fox in the hen house?
These pictures just scratch the surface of why we go after the fox.
One day I'll write a full explanation of the fox and his place in the history of farming as it relates to the development of the Patterdale Terrier.


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