Griffith Land & Cattle Co.

Updated on 9 May 2019
How to Contact Us
  Please don't ask if we have any pups available. Check the Available Now? page.
We keep it up to date most of the time.
(Keep on reading to find our email address. It's here somewhere.)
Please read the following paragraph very carefully.
Over the years we have suffered the theft of many dogs, pups and even whole litters.
These days, addressing that problem the way it should be handled brings dire legal consequences.
(Clear evidence of what happens when sissies of are allowed to run
a country according to how they think things should be. grrrr)
But some kind of control is needed and to that end we’ve moved again since we last offered dogs to the public.
Now we keep very tight control over who
comes to the kennel location for any reason.

Unexpected visitors are Not welcome... and
All our dog business is conducted off-site and sometimes through an intermediary.
We're sorry if this seems unfriendly but the security of our dogs comes way ahead of
any concern for the tender feelings of the public.  We're sure most decent folks will understand.
This policy might change one day but for now this is the way it must be.
G.L. & C. Co.'s Kennel facility, (home of the Nemesis Patterdale Terriers) is located in Central Virginia, USA
 Tim's Email:
 It's the only way to communicate with Tim until it's time to meet.  If you leave a phone number don't be expecting a call.

Our old email address was giving erratic service so we switched to gmail for kennel operations.  If you've tried to reach Tim and haven't gotten a reply within a day or two, carefully check to be sure you're using the gmail address.
(If we get to where we actually need to talk...I'll give you a number for phone texting or talk.)
Use this address for road-trip planning purposes, (MapQuest, etc.):
165 Camp Creek Parkway, Gordonsville, Va. 22942
That address is the local Lowe's Store which is about 30 minutes from our place.
There's a Super Walmart on the other side of the street. Both have nice big parking lots.

That's where we'll meet when you come to get your pup.
(There is also a Best Western motel with an adjacent IHOP Restaurant if you need to stay the night.)

That area is called Zion Cross-Rds and it's the intersection of US-15, US-250 and Interstate-64.
That's where we'll meet when you come to get your pup.


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