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On this page we share our observations of political subjects, past and present.
If you disagree with what you see here it would be wise to reconsider what you really know about the subject.
Of course, if you prefer ignorance you're always welcome to close the page and look at something else.

Practical Politics are those principles of governance that are rooted firmly in the concept of not-doing that which has demonstrated a history of failure.
No country on earth even attempts to follow such a program.
America tried to start that way but soon strayed from their course.
All countries follow either some type of "democracy" or they are ruled by a "strongman" of some type.
Saddam Hussein was such a "strongman." So was Mohmar Kadafi.
For all the good reasons not to like those guys they were actually good at one very important thing.
They maintained stability. They understood their people were still savages with 14th-century thinking who only really understood the world through the old saying, "might makes right." That and the inherent personal cowardice of the people of that part of the world made them tractable [look that up] by way of one tool only.

Brutality is the only language those people really understand.
In the enlightened (civilized?) rest of the world the conservative ideals that made each and every country "great" eventually gave way to the whining idealism known these days as "liberalism."
It's known by many names such as democracy, socialism, communism, etc. (They're all only slightly different.)
Nazis and Fascist actually began life as spin-offs from these liberal ideals. They never came from the Right.
Liberals think that all a country's goodness should be shared somewhat equally by all the people of that country no matter how the goodness was brought into existence.
He thinks he's entitled to a piece of your pie simply because the pie exists!
Such thinking requires ignoring the facts which forbid any hope for the success of this ideology.
No matter how sweetly you say it, in all of history no "liberal" idea has produced a distinctly positive result. Each and every idea liberal thinkers have ever proposed shows a track record of only failure. Liberal thinking has been around a long time [since before the ancient Greek civilization] and not once does history show where liberal thinking produced a unqualified good or desirable result for any country. Nope! Not once, ever.
Liberalism is always the root cause of the demise of any society that embraces it.
In America the republican party claims to be the home of the conservative thinker yet they produce the same results as the admitted liberals if at a somewhat slower pace. Upon close examination that's the only visible difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.

Maybe it's more accurate to say they're, "not as bad."
The Republicans are not conservatives nor do they represent the conservatives of this or any country,
as they would like you to believe.)
The glaring truth in all of history is that real conservative ideas and principles are what brought every great nation or people to prominence. Then, without fail, they turn to non-conservative (liberal) ideas and,
as a direct result, that country becomes a failed society. History shows no other outcome from liberal thinking.
This pattern has been repeated over and over for thousands of years. It does not change.
Conservatism brings a people to prominence and Liberalism brings them to failure.

In the entire history of the world there is no other pattern of rise and fall.
Sadly, once a nation-state
becomes successful it's people always turn away from the path of success and greatness.
Without fail they begin to adopt liberal "policies", a behavior that never fails to wreck any society that embraces it.

What is it that brings on this change?
It's the effect of one single principle that is the primary weakness of every
right-minded human being... it's the idea of ... fairness.
Through the concept of fairness the lazy-thinkers, sissies and weaklings of society eventually take over and history has clearly shown that those types of people cannot effectively run a society!
manner of thinking sends their country into a downward trend that cannot help but bring collapse.
This situation also appears to go against the word of God!
Reality and life are not "fair" and God didn't issue instructions telling us to be fair.
In all of God's instructions about Right and Wrong, or Wise and Unwise, fairness is not mentioned.
Treating others as you'd like to be treated is NOT a mandate for fairness.
It's only a directive to be reasonable and honorable with respect to others.

sigh, What are we to do?!?
Alas, all we can do is preach what's right, try to lead by example and hope it doesn't go unnoticed.

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