Griffith Land & Cattle Co.

These settes are not yet in place but the actual sites have been chosen and some preliminary work has begun.
Soon we'll have actual photos to show but in the mean time you can still get the idea from these drawings.
We use these as "the plan" while working on getting them in place.
The only difference in these plans is the number of entry/exits.
Once the main sette is built it is not too difficult to add another entry/exit point as desire and energy allow.
This is LOT of work!
Be sure you have a plan before putting a shovel in the ground.
It'll help to have all the materials on hand or somewhere nearby.
We call this "The Twin Towers" design.

This next one is the same but with 4 entry/exits.

Exactly what these tunnels are made of is largely a matter of what kind of materials you have available to you and in what quantity.
It might be a really good thing if the materials changed here and there as the dog negotiates his way through the place.
We think an important feature is that you be able to enter the site at nearly any place you need/want to. There are no rules to this sort of thing. Your imagination and energy are your only real limits.


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