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The Adventures of Mo !

Here is "Mo", (a son of Dyke when she was bred to Deadgame's Mileo HOF.) Mo is the lead dog on getting a badger out of this rocky hill In Korea. Badgers are tough critters and when they're in the rocks things are even harder.

A little while later the work was done.  It's hard to remember the camera...

...until things have settled down.

And then there was the time...

Once the badger is routed from out of the rocks's on!

"Many hands make light work."

Working a badger can be rough on all participants but dogs like Mo enjoy getting the game so much they have to be dragged away which is a classic characteristic for Patterdlaes of the Nemesis class!

It's hard to know which is better, getting badger from the rocks or from the dirt.

In rocks it is almost impossible to make more room to work but its not hard to cleanup afterwards.
In the dirt, digging usually means you can work your way in but the cleanup is another matter.
Mo's owner is justifiably proud of this little dog. He reckons Mo to be the toughest earth-dog in east Asia.


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