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Jinx's "Little Bullies"
NOTE: There is nothing on this page of interest for any of the sissies and busybodies of the world.
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(Fair Warning: Graphic action photo below, sissies beware!)

We put this page together for those of you that [still] suffer from "pit-bull fever" but just can't have a "real" pitbull. Thru an old friend in
the game I've found a guy who has established a solid family of the real thing from the hi-powered bloodlines of yesteryear.

Check out this little girl! She's 19 months old in this photo and about 16-lbs!

Thats a 2-Liter soda bottle in the picture for size reference.
To see this black dog's pedigree click here>>>>  Jinx's.Li'l.Black.Widow.pdf  
When we found out this guy had established a family of dogs this small we bugged him until he relunctently allowed us to show them off on this web sight. We think his dogs are too cool to be kept a secret from folks who appreciate the real thing but don't get to see it much.
 This is Rocket (below)

Another look at Rocket

To see Rocket's pedigree (it opens as a pdf) click here>>>>   Jinx's.Little.Rocket.pedigree.pdf 

This little gal (just above) is 3-yrs old (this Jan. 2015) and weighs 17 lbs (chain-weight) !!
Click this link to see this gals pedigree, >>>  17 lb Misfit's pedigree.pdf  
Most of the youngsters won't recognize the names in this pedigree which only illustrates how far the game has strayed from the "good ol' days" before folks started breeding for a color or a particular look. Some folks actually think there's something special about a color! (
ROFL roll-on-floor-laughing!)
All the old hands know breeding for anything other than performance wrecks any breed.
Well boys, the good stuff is still out there and I'm happy knowing they still exist.
I feel even "mo-betta" that I know someone who is still breeding them

the way they ought to be bred! 

These dogs began to get smaller as a simple byproduct of breeding for performance which is a good indicator that this guy has a solid family developing. It wasn't long before his dogs were too small for contemporary trends. (What that really means is that he can't find any competition.) Well, you came along about 40 years too late my friend!
Thanks for letting me know about these little guys!

Now and then there might be one or two made available to the public. If you [the one reading this] want to get in contact with this guy... email me and I'll see if he's interested in talking to ya.
NOTE: Do NOT bug us about getting one of these dogs until/unless you're Very Serious.
On those rare occasions when he's willing to sell one you can bet you'll have to
"bring your pocket book!"
Warning! Sissies go to another page NOW!!
Medusa Strikes Again!
  The raccoon in this photo (below) weighed 50% more than this 19-lb girl showing her love for wildlife! She killed this big old boar-coon in just minutes but continued to work it for over an hour until Jinx broke her off and dragged her away. Check back every now and then as Jinx sends me more stuff to day-dream about.


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