Griffith Land & Cattle Co.

 Patterdale Terriers of the Nemesis Class.

Nemesis: A righteous act of retribution inflicted by an appropriate agent!

NOTE: There are images and subjects on this web site that sissies and busybodies might find disturbing.
If that means you, (reading these words,) just go elsewhere now.

Fair Warning: Graphic action photo below, sissies beware!
This is the web site of the kennels of the Griffith Land & Cattle Co., in central Virginia.

We’ve been producing various breeds of high performance dogs for our own purposes for decades.
occasionally sell some, we do not make a business out of selling our dogs or pups.
We work to breed/produce a type of small, fierce "working" terrier dog that is commonly referred to as a
Patterdale Terrier.

We've been working to produce "the Nemesis Class" Patterdale Terrier (a term coined by a happy customer.)

We help farmers and small livestock owners with several types of troublesome vermin in various ways.
Our terriers sometimes let us apply a more “pro-active” approach that customers really seem to appreciate.

We never looked back once we worked out how to apply these little dogs to those kinds of problems.

For us, these activities are neither sport nor a recreational game that we play.
No matter how much fun or satisfaction we might get from it, this is always work
and we try to approach all of it with a business-like attitude. We think it helps us stay focused on the real purpose for having these dogs.

About 10 years ago, Ron of Shillelagh Kennels let us try a couple of pups from his program. (see Dyke's Page .)
Those dogs, (Pebbles & Bambam,) were so good for our purposes that we started our own breeding program.
With helpful advice and friendly encouragement from some well-known breeders we were soon producing the kind of high-powered little "verminators" that exceed our expectations with regularity.

Our Patterdales are of the European type and we use them primarily to take ‘coons, fox and
‘possums out of holes, debris piles, old buildings and crawl-spaces or wherever these vermin are suspected.
For managing woodchucks we find that rifles and traps work best but our dogs occasionally get those annoying critters too. Rifles and traps work best for most troublesome vermine but sometimes we just can't always do that. These dogs gave us another way to handle those problems when circumstances limit our choices.

The presence of a Patterdale Terrier of the Nemesis Class usually means doom for the targeted animal.

Below are the two dogs Ron sent us, (Pebbles on the left and BamBam on the right.)
They are shown at the age of 14 months delivering justice to a fairly large ‘possum discovered in a neighbors hen house one hot summer night. When these pups arrived on the scene it only
took moments to find the beast and drag it outside where they proceeded to inflict "a righteous act of retribution" that got their local reputation started.

  The owner of the chickens took considerable satisfaction in witnessing this scene.

Be sure to have a look at the Colors & Markings page. Also, if you are thinking about getting one for a "pet"
be sure to read the PDF titled "So You Want a Patterdale" found on the
More To Know page.
We dislike having to sell any of our pups or dogs at all.
 We just can't keep them all. That's the only reason the public ever gets a chance at these special dogs.
We only
occasionally sell pups or started dogs. Check the Available Now page for current listings.
We try to keep it up to date, adding information as it develops so check back regularly.

If you examine pedigrees on this site you'll see HOF after some dogs names. HOF means Hall Of Fame.
Every now and then a dog is recognized for its positive impact on the whole breed.
Those are the Hall Of Fame dogs. The caliber of the offspring is how the matter is determined.
Sadly, in America this has come to mean a record for winning "shows" more than field performance.
Patterdale Terriers of the Nemesis Class are not bred to be "show-dogs" even though many are pretty enough.
No matter why the HOF title is given, i
t's the quality of the progeny that makes the ancestor great.

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