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Griffith's "BamBam"

Sire: Shillelagh's Popeye    Dam: Shillelagh's Cameo  (aka. "Dyke")
Born: May 2005


Ron of Shillelagh Kennels, found and obtained Popeye (a coon-killing machine) for stud service to his great "Dyke" bitch. She was an accomplished coon killer herself and mother of some internationally known dogs. The pups were whelped and we got a couple. The male is our BamBam dog, (now the ol' man of the Nemesis kennel.) 
 BamBam tries hard to "draw" his vermin and sometimes manages to get it done. (He's been really lucky about it too!)
 Once he has the beast out he works to get the back of the neck. His style has not changed in all this time.
After several years we learned the Popeye dog, (the sire of BamBam,) was the product of a cross of some tight Gould and Nuttall bloodlines.These revelations came by way of Wayne Short (of Sooner Pride Kennel) and Rodger McCoy who were good enough to help us sort out the pedigree. There are still some "unknown" spaces in Popeye's pedigree but Ron bred to him for the best reason there is...he watched him work raccoons, some of which were bigger than the little black dog, (a fact that didn't seem to give the coons any advantage!)
It seems that BamBam is well bred indeed and it's no fluke that he is such a pleasure to take to the woods.
Both the top and bottom sides of this pedigree are loaded with HOF dogs and many other well known dogs in the next generations right behind those shown here.

Pedigree of  Griffith's "BamBam" of Shillelagh, born May 2005.

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Shillelagh's (Otto's)


Tingler's Dozer

 Gould's "Spartacus" HOF
"Bess" (We think maybe Gould's Bess ?)
"Ellie Mae" McCoy's British Knight  (bred from Nuttall stock.)
"Alfie"  (a stud-service pup from unrecorded bitch/owner.)


Shillelagh's Cameo,

        aka "Dyke"

Booth's / Fulford's Mileo HOF Booth's "Simon" (Fogarty’s Sam x Booth’s Tonic HOF)
Booth's "Tiny" (Tipperary Tim  HOF x Booth's Tonic HOF)
Newcomb's Kiera Wittnick's "River"  (Booth's breeding.)
Wittnick's "Ginger Marie" (Mason's breeding.)

 For a better look at this pedigree check out the  Breedings & Bloodlines  page where you can find the big pedigrees.


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