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6-generation pedigree information at the bottom.
When looking through the web sites of many solidly established breeders we are constantly amazed at how little information these good folks share about the pedigrees of their brood stock. Some tell you almost nothing about the bloodlines of their dogs other than naming the parents and give only a vague remark or two about their pedigree.
We see no reason to keep Patterdale pedigrees such a secret.

Here we shamelessly show our dogs bloodlines and how they were bred to produce the dogs we have today. These are mostly pdf files that show 6-generation pedigrees.
Click any of the listed names or breedings to have a look.
We make no claim to be any kind of a library or research storage facility, however, you might be able learn a little about how some Patterdale Terriers are bred by looking through these far-reaching pedigrees.
We're focused primarily on our own dogs here but we'll sometimes show the pedigrees of dogs that are owned by others, (usually breeders.) We're not too proud to say many of the guys we know (and talk to) have really good dogs!
These others [and their dogs] often get our attention and if we think there is something useful to know or has significant relevance to our own breeding programs,
(and always with their kind permission.) we're not ashamed to say so.
If you try to copy or print this information be sure to understand that these pdf files are arranged on pages that are 11.5 inches by 17 inches. Not every printing machine offers paper that size.
Be sure not to get yourself in any trouble with copy write laws, (they do apply.)
BTW, we spent a lot of time working out these pedigrees but we know that record keeping isn't as important for some folks as for others. If you see a glaring error please let us know so we can make the appropriate correction.
Click on the title of the PDF and...Enjoy your studies!
BamBam x Maxine-the-Monster pups...pdf  Tim refers to dogs of this pedigree as "Maxi-Bam dogs." This pedigree 1st became reality on 30 June 2014 (with 6 pups, 2 Males & 4 Females,)  and then again on 26 January 2015, (7 pups, 4-males and 3-females.) If you got one of these or know someone that did, this is what they got! Most dogs of this pedigree run kinda large as compared to the current American tendency to breed for small. (Our Brandi and Rooster dogs are Maxi-Bam dogs from different litters.)
The world-famous Nemesis-Roxie (now mentioned in the >>> 
Reports from the Field  <<< page) is a Maxi-Bam dog. wink

Peewee 6-gen peds...pdf
This is the pedigree for our Peewee dog.  This litter came into being by a clear Act of God! (Long story.)  There was no reason to expect this litter but after a couple months together we noticed Pixie getting "big." She's such a slim little thing that it isn't hard to see any change.
We quickly put together a brood kennel and just a few days after moving her into it she whelped a litter sired by Rooster.  While this really was an unexpected event the pedigree shows a profound example of line-breeding and the pups look excellent no matter how you judge them.

  Pebbles-n-Bambam.6-gen.peds...pdf  This is the pedigree for three litters produced from these parent dogs. The list of their offspring includes Ron's awesome Pinga dog (from the 2nd litter) and our own little gremlin, Pixie, (from the 3rd litter.) There won't be any more of these but if these names are in the pedigrees of any dogs you can find more about the bloodline here.   

Nemesis Peewee-x-Nemesis Brandi...pdf 
This is the pedigree of our little ball of fire named Noogie This is a special breeding for our kennels and it remains to be seen if the public will have any access to these. Noogie will have her own page one day soon.

Every now-n-then someone asks me if I have any "Renterrier" pups to sell. The answer is, no.
I don't have, raise or sell "Renterriers." My girl-dog Pinky is perhaps-&-arguably close to 1/2-Renterrier.
For those of you that know about the "Renterriers" that are bred and sold by Adrian Renteria of southern California, the following pedigree is as close as I'll ever be able to come to breeding up "Renterriers."
This breeding was made and resulted in pups during August of 2017. We kept a male, (Rattler) and a female, (LadyBug.) We think these dogs will mature around 22 ~ 25 lbs. (perfect for raiding a coyote den and that's what we intend do with them.) Whatever the size, we think they'll be excellent for racoon hunting the lazy man's way.
The highlights show the Renterrier blood.  Rooster-x-Pinky.w-Renterrier..highlights..pdf

Nemesis-Rattler-x-Nemesis-Noogie: PDF   This is a TBA breeding we're looking forward to... one fine day. That is, if they keep on looking good to us. These 2 dogs were each the smallest of their respective litters. Oddly, the guys that wanted pups bred this way didn't want "small" dogs. Well, as so-well spoken in a line of the opening scene of the great movie, Dirty Harry, "I gots ta know." If they keep doing what they've been doing, we're going to see if these two "smallest-of-the-litter" dogs will produce dogs that average under 20-lbs. There's only one way to find out.
Keep an eye on the TBA page for announcements about this breeding some time in 2018. (maybe)

J&J Kennels is the home of many well bred dogs and at least one is a true living legend. Their dog named Gravedigger Jr. is bred to produce high performance working stock and brood stock. If you have a dog with "Junior" in the pedigree you can be sure you have a well-bred dog. He's not getting younger and I hope to get a couple girl-dogs bred to him before he's gone. If you spend a few minutes looking at his pedigree you'll start daydreaming about breeding dogs.   J&J's Gravedigger Jr. 6-Gen Pedigree, PDF  

J&J-kennels-Crixus-stud-for-future-breeding!.pdf  We are still astounded that God has blessed J&J Kennels by placing this dog, Crixus in their possession. (Their other stud dogs give us a lot to think about too.) It's a long drive to J&J's Kennel but we really hope to make the trip once or twice to breed to a couple of their stud dogs or get a pup...or both. You can be sure we won't keep it a secret when we do. Depending on several factors, there might be a pup or two made available to the public when those breedings are made.

Here's another from J&J Kennels, the kind of breeding that makes other breeders have daydreams that begin with "what it..."  This is one of those hard to believe pedigrees that have to be seen to be fully appreciated.  I have it on good authority that the parent dogs of this pedigree are still alive (April 2022) and pups from these parents might some day be available again.  J&J's-Union-Jack-x-IkoIko-Pups-6-gen.pdf 

Romulus.Viggliano.6-gen.pdf  (aka "Vigg") We were stunned when we learned of this dog and we hope to be able to arrange a breeding (or 2 or 3) as time moves along.  We think this dog and his progeny will make a name for the guys at Ground Hunters Kennels.  Watch for more from these guys and their dogs.  We desperately want to breed him to our Pinky girl and/or any of her offspring.
We think the progeny from such unions will change things for everyone that gets one.

Ground Hunter's Vigg-x-Twiggy litters...pdf   Ground-Hunter's Vigg-x-Twiggy.6-gen.pdf  This breeding was made for the 1st time in summer of 2016 and it's our belief that the pups will grow to make the entire bloodline look good! When they're grown and folks are wondering how how they got to be "that way?!?" just point them to this pedigree.

Kyel's Barron-x-Sauna:PDF  This is Kyel's breeding between Top Notch Barron and Top Notch Hot-Mama (aka "Sauna.") We're so sure this breeding will produce hi-powered brood-stock that we got one too.
A special note for those of you that got one of these pups: I sent out several PDF-Pedigrees of this pedigree to folks that contacted me about it. Thanks to an astute customer we found errors in that first PDF-Pedigree! The errors have been corrected. If you got a PDF-Pedigree for these pups (from us) check it against the one shown here. The one shown above is CORRECT. Contact me and I'll send you a corrected PDF-Pedigree. Sorry folks. I was just going too fast that day.


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