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Reports from the field!
Scroll down the page for After-Action Reports from the field.
Much of this is "graphic" in nature so we recommend that sissies NOT venture into these subject areas.
This is where we try to give credit where it's due, sharing info as it comes in.
Patterdale Terriers get a lot done but it remains largely unknown to most of the world.
It seems that the guys that work their dogs the most just aren't braggarts and the result is that a lot of good story-telling material gets lost in obscurity.
We're trying to change that with the introduction of this page.
On this page and those linked to it, (see below,) we'll try to sing some of the praises of these cool little dogs.
We might even say a bit about the owners (when they let us.)
There is no shame in bragging on dogs owned by someone else. These stories are what these little "verminators" are all about. We enjoy learning and telling more about them.
We're always on the lookout for stories about Patterdale Terriers that "got 'er done!"
When we can get enough facts to make us think we've got it straight we'll try to say something about it here. If the owners will cooperate we'll have a photo or two along with the story, (tho not always.) It seems that when the action starts it's really hard to think of getting out the camera. You'll understand that once you've been there.
Still, if any of you have photos to go with a story and wouldn't mind displaying it here get in touch with us, (on the 
Contact Us page,) and we'll discuss the details.
Not everyone wants their name displayed all over the internet. We understand that.

  (Some places have some very silly laws that make this a ticklish subject.)

We'll honor your needs & desires as we try to give your dogs the credit they deserve.

Stupid Law Alert
Check here as we try to list the various laws around the country that might impact your activities.

Click on any of these names to learn a little bit about what these dogs are like in action.


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