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Meet Nemesis' Pixie-Girl

Sire: Griffith's BamBam.  Dam: Griffith's Pebbles.
DOB: 27 Sept. 2011,
(Our very "spannable" little Gremlin.)

Another offspring of Pebbles x BamBam, Pixie met many challenges beginning at birth.
From that day to this she was the smallest pup in the litter and had a tough way to go for everything.
She had an almost dainty appearance and we wondered how she'd turn out.
Well, she ain't so dainty now unless you count the fact she's smaller than any of this family.
Her lower legs show a healthy bone and muscle for such a small dog. She's not much over 10 lbs.
Now at a little over 5 years she is hard as wire-rope and tingling with pent-up energy at all times.
You have to hold her to know this because her outward demeanor is rather calm and calculating.
That calm changes to a near hysterical rage when there is something (anything) nearby that might be caught...
if she could only get loose.
Squirrels, prowling cats and even "tweety-birds" frequently get her pretty stirred up too
and she holds a special kind of hatred for butterflies, a trait that was very strong in her mother, >>>
Any small living thing in view gets her pretty stirred up, (as with any well bred Patterdale.)

Though still young we think she is going to be quite an asset for our purposes.
Being on the small side, she can get into wherever most vermin can go.
Watch for more information as this little gal develops into a seasoned verminator.

The light and angle in some of these photos make it hard to see that Pixie is Black-Brindle in color
just like her half-brother >>>
Bosco.<<< Both are pretty small dogs and easily get into the ground when they want to.

Pixie is a full sister to Shillelagh's >>> Pinga <<< but from a different litter.
Check out the >>>
Colors & Markings <<< page,
then click on Pinga's page to see what's in the breeding of this family of dogs.
Here are a couple of recent photos of this little whirl-wind
Here's a couple views on 30 Jan. 2014
She's a squirmy little thing and feedin' time is best for photos!

Size reference: In the photo above, Pixie's feet are on a 2x4 board.

Here she is held in my arms. I'm a fairly big fellow but Look at her compared to my hand!
She can get into anywhere my hands can !!

It's hard to believe that this little thing is a full-sister to 
Pinga (from a different litter.)
Even though they look very different, it's their attitude that lets us know they're really family!

To see the full pedigree of Pixie (and any of the Pebbles-x-BamBam dogs,)
just click here >>> Griffith's Pixie-Girl, 6-gen peds.pdf  to open a 6-gen pedigree.

By now most folks know she whelped a litter during "the Blizzard of 2016," sired by a young (at the time)
When word got
out to the regular crowd these pups quickly became "spoken-for!"

This is what the Jan. 2016 Pixe-x-Rooster puppies looked like.

If this bunch turns out okay we'll do it again in a little while.
 (Here is what the pedigree of those pups looks like, 
>>> Pixie-x-Rooster, peds, 6-Gen...pdf  <<<)


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