Griffith Land & Cattle Co.

This was Griffith's Bosco (R.I.P.)
( Dam: Pebbles,  Sire: Pinga )

Bosco is the only male from the only litter of >>> Pinga <<< and >>> Pebbles.<<<
 He has a more robust build than his grand-sire (>>>
BamBam <<<) and we feel pretty confident that we won't regret our decision to keep him here.
Bosco was a "spannable" dog. 

Here he is as a 5- Month old pup.

These photos (above) were taken in Jan. 2014.

Here he is in July 2014

What we like most about Bosco (and all our dogs) is that they don't look "dainty" like many Patterdales we see these days. We try not to throw stones about those dainty little dogs, especially with regard to the performance of a proven worker. We just prefer to see substantial bone and muscle in the lower legs, front and Bosco, (and the others.)

If we can remember to bring the camera...and to use it, there will be some photo-essays about the adventures of Bosco in the future. Check back every now and then to keep up with his story.

This is the pedigree of Bosco.

A bigger version of this pedigree can be seen on our Breedings & Bloodlines  page.


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